House designs

Alternative White House designs unveiled

The rejected plans for the design of the White House were materialized by the Maryland Center for History and Culture and House fresh. In 1792, George Washington held a competition to design a house for the US President. James Hoban was the winner after designing the neoclassical mansion that would soon become known as the White House. At least six designs were considered, but the finalists were immediately forgotten until they were brought to virtual life.

Charles and Diana’s wedding cake costs £ 1,850

The icing on Prince Charles and Princess Diana’s wedding cake sold for £ 1,850. The generous icing and marzipan base of the cake features a detailed and sweet design of the royal coat of arms in gold, red, blue and silver. The auctioneers say most of the inquiries about this came from the UK, US and the Middle East. However, the cake, which has been kept in stretch film for 40 years, may have surpassed its best.

Twenty students “watched a woman give birth”

A pregnant woman was surprised when her doctor brought in 20 medical students to see her give birth. TikTok influencer Jessica Enslow claims that in 1994 she was taken to a military hospital to give birth in front of an audience of college students. “I hope the policies of military hospitals and bedside manners have improved since 1994,” she said.

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