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Common Family Home Designs: Tips for a Harmonious Shared Space

Living with a common family can be a pleasant experience. However, when many people live under one roof, issues such as lack of privacy or lack of space for everyone can arise. To avoid this, it’s important to make sure your home is designed in a way that not only provides good energy, but also works well for all of the members who live there. To solve this problem, we asked Architects Santha Gour of Planet 3 Studios, Manish Dikshit, Partner, Aum Architects, and Amit Khanna, Founder and Design Director at AKDA to share some tips to keep in mind when designing. purchase or design of a common family home.

Common family home designs: make room for everyone

Having a sufficient number of rooms for the occupants of the house is one of the basic needs when staying in a shared family home. “All too often, homeowners are unable to accurately estimate how many bedrooms they will need in the long term,” says Khanna. Once the children are grown up, they need their own space and cannot stay in the parents ‘or grandparents’ room. They are also likely to want their own bedrooms instead of sharing one with their siblings. According to Gour, “It is important to take this into account so that there is no shortage of space in a few years. “

Photo caption: It is essential to provide rooms and spaces for all members of the common family

Common Family Home Designs: Protect Your Privacy

No matter how close you are to your family, having private spaces is essential. While having separate bedrooms for each ensures this, if that is not possible, look for alternatives. “Many mixed families, especially in cities like Mumbai where space is a problem, opt for two adjoining apartments and turn them into one, to have enough room for everyone,” Gour adds. Whether it is a bungalow or a villa, many shared families have rooms on different floors of the house in order to maintain their privacy. “It is also important to create space for several pantry areas, allowing the smaller family units within the common family sufficient independence,” Khanna adds.

Photo caption: Make sure the children also have their own bedroom to maintain their privacy inside a shared family home

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