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Homebuilders praise government plan to speed up homes in Leppington | Camden-Narellan Advertiser

The state government’s recent announcement to speed up dezoning of Leppington Stages 2 and 5 has been welcomed by more than 30 home builders.

The builders have filed a campaign calling for the rezoning of thousands of inactive blocks of land awaiting rezoning in the priority Leppington neighborhood.

However, they say more of Leppington will need to be rezoned over the next two years to meet demand for housing.

The fully serviced land for 2,500 homes that has now been rezoned is expected to come on the market in the coming months.

Leppington Living spokesperson and Managing Director of Crownland Developments Andrew Wiesener said the media and advertising campaign, as well as support from industry bodies, had succeeded in drawing attention to land shortages and escalating costs, killing the dream of homeownership for ordinary Australians.

“The swift action by NSW Planning Minister Rob Stokes to rezone Leppington Stages 2 and 5 is welcomed by Leppington Living and his consortium of 30 home builders desperate for inventory. for new home buyers, ”he said.

“This will give the inventory a boost and be well received by new home buyers.

“The zoning change comes just in time for the new Living Billboard Village of Leppington, which is slated to open in September 2021.

“The new display village will now have a sustainable land supply pipeline to meet homebuyer demand over the next two years. Leppington living will begin listing lots in the coming months.”

The indicative development plan for future developments in Leppington. Photo: Government of New South Wales

Leppington Stages 2 and 5 also include 8.32 hectares of open space, 2.96 hectares identified for a school site, 23.18 hectares of land zoned for other infrastructure purposes and a 7.6 hectares valued at $ 4 million.

Mr Wiesner said that Crownland Developments immediately filed two Development Applications (DAs) for 164 lots and that Camden Board has started evaluating those DAs.

“Crownland will file DAs for an additional 380 lots during the month and will continue to deploy additional DAs and land releases to meet demand,” he said.

Planning and Public Spaces Minister Rob Stokes said the NSW government was moving forward with rezoning in key growth areas to increase the housing supply potential of thousands of people. additional accommodation.

“We have responded to the increased demand for entirely new housing in the wake of the pandemic by accelerating these dezoning,” said Mr. Stokes.

“The rezoning of stages two and five of the Leppington district will allow up to 2,400 new homes”

Mr Wiesener said Mr Stokes needed to unblock and rezon the rest of Leppington within two years to meet ongoing housing demand.

“This means that the NSW government, the Planning Minister and the Water Minister must take seriously the acceleration of the delivery of critical wastewater infrastructure delaying land releases in the southwest, “he said.

“The industry is ready to act and will no longer accept that ministries and service authorities accuse each other of delaying rezoning and service delays when they threaten the housing supply chain.

“For too long we have heard that the land cannot be rezoned because it is not serviced by the planning department and the land will not be serviced because it is not zoned by the authority of the water.”

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