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House of Representatives suspends plenary session until November 30

The House of Representatives is suspending plenary sessions from Thursday 10 October to 30 November to allow its committees to adopt the 2020 budget by December.

Representative Benjamin Kalu (APC-Abia), spokesperson for the house, told reporters in Abuja on Tuesday that the suspension aims to restore the budget cycle from January to December.

House of Representatives

For this, the spokesperson said that the house has inaugurated all the standing committees that have started working with ministries, departments and agencies (MDAs) to assess previous budgets and compare them with the 2020 budget.

“We have put in place a roadmap that unfolds as follows: from Wednesday 9 to Thursday 10 October, we have debates on the general principles of the 2020 finance law as well as the reading and referral of committees.

“On Thursday 10 October, the Chamber will meet with all the chairs of all the committees to guide them on what is expected with regard to the 2020 budget.

“From October 10 to Tuesday October 29, we will have a budget hearing and dialogue with the MDAs through the appropriation sub-committees.

“From Monday October 21 to Tuesday October 22, the House will hold public hearings on the 2020 Appropriation Bill.

“From Wednesday October 30 to Tuesday November 5, the submission and defense of the report by the MDAs would be submitted to the Appropriation Committee.

“The budget report submission and defense end date is November 5. We will not accept any submission or defense from MDAs after this date. “

The lawmaker said the appropriation committee would have the compilation and harmonization of reports from November 6 to 27.

He specifies that the presentation of the report of the Committee on Appropriations will be made to the Senate.

“By November 28, we’ll be done with the budget.

“Our idea is that from the beginning of December the budget is ready, so by January 2020 we will launch the budget,” he said.

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