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Irish Home Builders Association welcomes commitment to housing in budget

The Irish Homebuilders Association (IHBA) today welcomed the announcement of the 2022 budget and measures that will support the delivery of much needed homes across the country.

“Today’s decision to expand the Home Buyer’s Assistance Program is a very positive outcome and will provide more certainty and help promising buyers secure the required deposit to secure their residential mortgage. It will also help the pace of new home construction, which is essential as supply continues to lag behind what it should be. We also look forward to participating in the plan review in the New Year.

“Regarding the announcement of a zoned property tax, James Benson added:” transitional arrangements, confirmation of when the 3% market value is taken, assessment of viability and identification of Any infrastructure deficits that hamper delivery should be taken into account when identifying land. The revenues collected should be restricted to support the strengthening of the local network and alleviate the current burden on buyers of new homes.

“The IHBA has campaigned vigorously to make housing construction a priority for this government and we are pleased to see steps being taken to make it happen. In recent weeks, we have welcomed the publication of the government plan “Housing for all” as well as the National Development Plan. We support all the tax measures announced by the government which allow these two plans to achieve their ambitions.

“As the government continues its efforts to tackle the housing crisis, the IHBA will seek to positively engage in any future legislation or public consultation that promotes the provision of housing and supports homeowners to climb the ladder. of the property, ”James Benson, director told IHBA.

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