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“Mockery of town planning rules”: house builders “jump the gun”, say the villagers

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Land clearing has started at the Welshpool Road site in Bicton Heath, on the outskirts of Shrewsbury, and villagers say a hedge has been taken.

They asked the developers, Barratt and David Wilson Homes, to wait before starting work until all the conditions were met.

The company says it is working with local authorities to deliver the homes in what it hopes will be an attractive place to live. He says he wants to bring more affordable housing to the community.

The Northern Shropshire Council Planning Committee voted in favor of Barratt Homes and David Wilson Homes’ joint proposal to build the development, including 51 affordable housing units, in Churncote, off Welshpool Road, last week, subject of conditions.

Pollution control on the construction site of new houses

Some residents say they are surprised that part of the site is already under construction.

Mandie Lee, who lives in the area, said the work appeared to be related to the proposed sales office for the new estate.

“It hasn’t even gotten the building permit yet,” she said.

“The application for the sales office has just been filed. It mocks the entire planning system with the request for the sales office that has yet to be processed.”

“Where the hedge was removed, the sidewalk was also blocked off. It is right next to a bus stop, making it difficult for passengers.”

Plans for development in Churncote

Mandie, who is also a Bicton parish councilor, said when the building permit for the houses was granted, it was understood that certain conditions had to be met.

“Work must be undertaken to protect the trees on site. As we understand, this had not yet taken place,” she added.

“The developers knew the local residents were against these plans and it seems disrespectful to start work prematurely.”

When residents wrote to Shropshire Council about the work, they received a letter in response, which states that verbal advice has been given to cease work on the site as well as formal advice given to planning consultants .

Dominic Harman, Managing Director of David Wilson Homes Mercia, said: “In order to increase the delivery of much needed housing in line with the government’s ambitions, we submitted a revised program to speed up construction which was accepted on June 8th.

“We have worked closely with the local authority since the submission of the revised planning plan, with the aim of bringing more affordable housing to the community as well as keeping the newly formed pond intact.

“We will continue to engage with the Shropshire Council on how best to deliver new homes in what we hope will be an attractive place to live.”

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