Quickly Borrow Money With Collateral

Pledging stuff is a well-proven way to have money in your hands right away. Borrowing money quickly with collateral is safe and has few risks. You can think of pawning jewelry, cars, scooters, game computers, telephones and televisions. With the pledging of things you can later, against payment of the interest, get your things back or buy them back.

City bank of Loan

City bank of Loan

To pledge things, you can go to a so-called pawnshop or, for example, the Stadsbank van Lening. You have the valuables appraised there and often you immediately get money for it. You often have to take the proof of purchase with you, but this is not always necessary. You can check the conditions online in advance or call. There are pawnshops that are not difficult when you no longer have the receipt.

In addition, there is also a difference between the municipal credit banks that you find in Amsterdam, for example, and the commercial pawnshops. You actually sell the property right in the pawnshops. In exchange, you get the first right to redemption. If you are late with your money, the pawnshop may also sell your pledged items to third parties. At the municipal Stadsbank van Lening this is not that easy and you remain the legal owner.

Pledging things can also be good if you have no income. It is a smart way to borrow money without income because you run little risk with it. You cannot continue to get into debt with it. You do not borrow money that you have to pay back, you leave a collateral behind. If you cannot return the money, you will lose the pledged items. You will not get into debt because of this.Check the website for an overview of pawnshops in the Netherlands.

Car Pledging

Car Pledging

You can also pledge your car. Or scooter, motorcycle, caravan or camper. You may not be able to use your car anymore, but you will immediately have cash in your hands or money in your bank account. For possibilities, see for example Credithost. Other options can be found via Vanquash and Vencash.

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