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SBCA Presents Rs600 Pre-Approved House Designs For Sindh

The Sindh Building Control Authority has introduced pre-approved building designs for people wishing to build residential units on plots of 60 square meters, 80 square meters, 120 square meters and 240 square meters.

If you choose to use one of these plans, you could get permission to build your house in five days.

What are the pre-approved plans?

As part of its automated one-stop-shop, SBCA prepared a set of plans for four plot sizes. These pre-approved plans can help people eliminate the need for an architect and the hassle of designing their own buildings.

The SBCA has defined three options for each of the four plots. Applicants can choose from any of these options and obtain construction authorization through the automated one-stop-shop.

All plans are for the land plus two residential buildings. The number of rooms varies with each option.

SBCA Research and Regulatory Director Mushtaq Ibrahim Soomro said Digital SAMAA that these approved designs were designed to save applicants money and time.

The plans can also be downloaded from the SBCA website A set of six copies of pre-approved models costs Rs600.

Soomro said that by using pre-approved designs, applicants don’t need to hire architects. Architects typically charge between Rs 20,000 and Rs 25,000 to design the structure of the building. “The applicant can get pre-approved designs for only Rs600 instead of paying thousands of rupees to the architect,” he added.

Applicants can choose an SBCA design and submit it online. After checking the condition of the plot with the agency that owns the land, the SBCA approves the plans.

Here are the requirements for pre-approved designs:

  1. It does not allow you to build on land that has not been legally ceded to you and does not include permission to occupy land or a road from the company / government or any other local authority in the area. construction.
  2. The authorization is only valid if the works are started within a period of one year from the date of the authorization, after which they will be deemed to have lapsed.
  3. Construction should be carried out under the supervision of a licensed architect / engineer / building designer. The owner / solicitor / sub-solicitor and the registered architect / engineer will be jointly and severally responsible for all structural design and standard specifications during the execution of construction.
  4. The provisions of SBCO, 1979 and KB & TPR, 2002 as amended must be observed. No building material or any type of machinery shall be placed on the road or government property / trail or any place causing nuisance to neighbors during construction.
  5. Approval is issued with the specific condition that in the event of a land dispute, the approved plan is canceled or withdrawn.
  6. The plan will not be valid for transfer / sale / transfer / lease / sublet unless a certificate of completion is obtained from SBCA upon completion of construction.

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