Take out a loan now for your electric bicycle

The electric bicycle or e-bike has gained enormous popularity in recent years. Last year almost 40% of the bicycles sold in Belgium were electric. The traditional city bike must therefore give up its first place with a 28%.

The Flemish government is doing its best to adjust the bicycle infrastructure. In the long term, even electric bike highways, only for electric bikes and mopeds, would be built.

The e-bike is therefore a must-have, but there is a price tag attached to it. More and more people are taking out a loan to buy such an electric bicycle. As the prices are higher than the standard city bike, the banks notice that there is a market for special bicycle loans.

Borrow now for your electric bicycle – at only 2.49% APR!

Borrow now for your electric bicycle - at only 2.49% APR!

  • For amounts between € 500 and € 6,000
  • You can borrow up to 110% of the amount of your vehicle. This way you can purchase an extra battery, cycling gear or helmet and you are ready to start your ride.
  • Submitting your application is very simple. Complete the application form, upload the necessary supporting documents and return your signed credit contract to us.
  • You enjoy an attractive interest rate of 2.49% APR!

Comfort with a solid price tag

Comfort with a solid price tag

An electric bicycle is not only purchased by the older generation or people who are physically difficult to ride with an ordinary bicycle. 38% of cyclists are younger than 50 years.

This is mainly due to the fact that this bicycle can be used and used for commuting. The bicycle allowance per kilometer often makes it interesting for employees to purchase an e-bike.

The electric bicycle is therefore becoming increasingly popular, but you quickly spend an average of € 2,260 on it. Many people therefore choose to take out a bicycle loan with a bank.

Borrow from your bank

Borrow from your bank

Since the purchase of an electric bicycle is a real investment, many banks jumped at the idea of ​​launching a bicycle insurance policy. At Mecuis, the sale of bicycle loans went four times last year. At KBC alone, three times as many loans were sold in the first three months of this year.

With the latter you can have all types of bicycles insured, on the condition that your bicycle is not older than 1 year and that the invoice amount is between € 600 and € 10,000.

“The rate that we offer today is 0.85 percent and we notice that on average, people borrow in 2.5 years. The amount of course depends on the type of bike you buy, for example an electric bike, city bike or a mountain bike. ”

Mecuis and Verfo also offer insurance for an electric bicycle.

Which bike suits you?

Which bike suits you?

When choosing an electric bicycle, you have to pay attention to a few things. Perhaps the most important question is what you will use the bicycle for. Do you cycle to work daily? Is that a long or short distance? Or would you prefer an e-bike for outings at the weekend?

There are different frames (ladies, gentlemen, or low entry), drive mechanisms (front and / or rear-wheel drive), batteries, displays, designs, etc. You can find out which bike best fits your needs on It’s a big investment, so it doesn’t hurt to do some research!

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