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Terraria house designs: cool ideas for housing your Terraria NPCs

Looking for some cool Terraria house designs? Building a house is one of the first things you will do in Terraria and one of the most important steps towards survival. As Terraria operates on a day and night cycle, building a shelter for your first night in Terraria will protect you from any wandering enemies. As you branch out from your starting shelter, trying out more elaborate Terraria house designs can be a difficult part of one of the best crafting games on PC.

Building more Terraria houses is also very necessary, as they attract NPCs who provide useful skills such as selling items. NPCs will want their own area, so as you build more houses you’ll soon have a bustling town full of working villagers. Building houses for all NPCs to increase the happiness of Terraria NPCs and attract new ones will require a lot of resources, time and effort, especially if you want to build individual houses for each NPC. We recommend that you build an all-in-one housing estate to house your new townspeople, these structures work like an apartment building, so each NPC has an apartment. It will save you a tremendous amount of time to find and access each supplier.

Of course we want our town to be pretty and while our NPCs will be content with a small space, these Terraria housing designs can give your town an edge that our little NPCs will be proud to call home.

Terraria castle housing

This versatile Terraria Castle combines a solid foundation for your NPCs to settle in with an intricate and decorative castle built on top. Composed of thick stone slabs and fences, this medieval tower is a perfect home for your wizards, knights and alchemists.

Cozy Hobbit Hole of Terrariums

Terraria underground housing

Building your accommodation underground in Terraria is another way to get creative and one of our favorite underground homes has to be this hobbit hole. While not the most efficient accommodation on our list, its idyllic and tranquil atmosphere makes it a quaint home for your hobbits… we mean NPCs.

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Terraria Treehouse

Instead of a vast network of intertwined treehouses, this Terraria dwelling is built into a sturdy tree, with branches protruding from a thick trunk, with hanging vines so NPCs can come and go as they please. If you want to get back to nature, this Terraria house design uses mood lighting and lots of wood to create a magical and welcoming home for your townspeople. Although you can access this cabin from the ground, it is easier to use Terraria’s wings to reach the taller branches.

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Terraria underwater housing

Now that’s a real challenge, but this underwater haven is something a little different from the water constructions we’ve seen before, like the pirate ship housing. It will take time to build and isn’t the most efficient, but if you find a place where you can branch out, there’s nothing stopping you from building a nice ship on top of the base to house more NPCs. It is also a good place to learn to fish in Terraria.

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Terraria starter box

These Terraria housing ideas are great if you’ve already spent a lot of hours in Terraria, but if you’re new to the game then starting with basic housing is a good way to learn the tools and the most effective way to build a house for your NPCs. Each house must meet certain requirements for an NPC to move in, such as size, furnishings, and structure.

Here are the Terraria starter box requirements that you will need to meet:

  • Must be at least 60 blocks, but less than 750. The smallest size you can have is 3 blocks wide, 10 blocks high.
  • Each house should have a back wall (natural back walls do not count).
  • Must have one of each of the following furniture items – a light source, a comfort item, and a flat surface item.
  • Every house should have an entrance, usually a wooden door.
  • Must not exceed Corruption levels (an evil biome that makes your homes uninhabitable).

Terraria bed recipe

One of the things you will need to make a home a home is a bed. They provide a comfortable place to sleep, generate a spawn point, and also help with health regeneration. However, they’re difficult to create, so we’ve included a step-by-step guide along with everything you’ll need. For a basic bed you will need 15 woods and 5 silk. Once you are a pro at making beds, you can use different ingredients to create all kinds of beds, from frozen bed to bed made of honey! But for now, let’s stick to the basic bed and don’t complicate things …

So how do you make a bed in Terraria? You will need five different workstations to create a bed in Terraria, a real test for a single piece of furniture. Here’s how to do it, along with the ingredients you’ll need for each station.

  1. If you don’t already have one, create a workbench (10 wood)
  2. You must then create an oven (20 stone, 3 torches, 5 wood) on your workbench
  3. Use the furnace to melt the iron ore (15) in order to have iron bars (5)
  4. Use the iron bars on the workbench to create an anvil
  5. Use the anvil to create chains (10) using an iron bar (1)
  6. Create a sawmill using wood (10), iron bars (2) and a chain (1)
  7. Use wood (12) on the sawmill to create a loom
  8. Use cobwebs (35) on the loom to make silk (5)
  9. Go back to the sawmill and use silk (5) and wood (15) to make a bed

It’s a long process, but now you can place your bed in your Terraria house and use it as a spawn point by interacting with the foot of the bed. If you feel like taking a nap, you can interact with the top of the bed and you will enter sleep mode which will speed up time to five times normal speed and increase health regeneration.

So it’s a good idea to start with the basics before moving on to some of the more extravagant Terraria house designs. Setting up a base is also vital for survival, it’s somewhere in Terraria to craft potions to take on Terraria bosses and advance the game.

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