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Vision Home Builders Closing | Eyewitness News

SOUTH CENTRAL TOWNSHIP, COLUMBIA COUNTY (WBRE/WYOU) — Customers of a Columbia County home building company that abruptly closed two weeks ago say they want their money returned or their home completed.

Vision Home Builders customers here near Bloomsburg say it’s radio silence that they haven’t heard from the company since the first email that they were closing. Who stops blind customers

“We’ve been saving for years to afford this and it’s made us a forever home here,” said Amber Bradshaw, a client of Vision Homes.

Bradshaw fights back tears as he talks about his new home being built near Bloomsburg.

We spoke with her several days after receiving an email from Vision Home Builders stating that the company was going out of business. Now she has a foundation and says she lost $180,000.

Bradshaw says at the time she received an email from Jeffrey McCreary, the president of Vision Home Builders, citing several reasons the business was forced to close.

McCreary says the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic was the most significant factor in the shutdown…he writes in part.

“Vision has tried every means we know of to continue operating in an increasingly dire financial situation. The loss of revenue has crippled our ability to sustain homebuilding operations,” said
Jeffrey McCreary, President of Vision Home Builders.

Ron Herbst contracted with Vision Home Builders, he now has a foundation in place near Gordon in Schuylkill County and no money to finish his house. We spoke to him today by phone.

“You know, on April 13, they took $115,000 and then fired everybody and closed the doors…where’s the money,” Herbst said.

Attorney Frank Kepner Junior represents Vision Home Builders clients, he says since our reports aired, clients have contacted him.

“I’m interested in helping anyone who wants to take action to try and get the money back,” Kepner said.

Columbia County’s Marr Development is working with clients to try to finish their homes, and other local businesses are responding as well.

“We also have national and local suppliers coming forward, I can name them Home Depot, John Coals, Tri-County Lumber…they want to help us out and give all kinds of discounts to help customers as much as they can.” explained Todd Kern, vice president at Sales Marr Development.

Several customers have also filed complaints with the state attorney general’s office regarding the closure of Vision Home Builders.

We have contacted the business owner and the attorney representing the business and have yet to hear back.