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Vision Home Builders customers interviewed by the Attorney General

Action 16 Survey has the latest news on the fallout from the contractor’s abrupt shutdown.

COLUMBIA COUNTY, Pa. — The state attorney general’s office is currently investigating the abrupt shutdown of a homebuilder in Columbia County.

Families ended up with partially built houses and one woman has no house at all.

Carol Morgan met Action 16 Investigates outside of Danville on farmland that has been in her family for generations. The plot is where Carol and her husband Bob plan to live out their golden years.

“It’s close to my family, and it’s on my grandmother and grandfather’s original property,” Carol said.

Bob is a veteran who served and was injured in the Vietnam War and getting older almost certainly means he will eventually need a wheelchair.

“We are so looking forward to living here in our home which will be accessible to him later in life when he needs it,” she added.

The couple contracted with Vision Home Builders near Bloomsburg and worked with the company to develop plans and choose cabinetry and countertops. But their family farm still looks like farmland.

“All we got for our money was a copy of the contract and some drawings,” Carol said.

The Morgans are among 13 families abandoned by Vision Home Builders when it closed late last month.

Some projects are partially built, but the Morgans have nothing. They gave Vision a $53,000 cash deposit on April 13.

“A week and a half later he fired everyone, and on April 30 they closed,” Carol said.

When Vision Home Builders owner Jeffrey McCreary announced the company’s closure in an email to customers, it surprised even Vision’s contractors.

“Mr. McCreary had contacted our office and our sales reps as early as two days before this happened, I think that’s why we were taken aback and shocked by this,” said Bill Fegley, owner of Middleburg Advanced Concrete Systems.

Fegley has worked with McCreary since 2019 and has been hired to work on four more Vision homes this summer.

McCreary blamed the pandemic for the business shutdown. Fegley told Action 16 that the pandemic has plagued all entrepreneurs for the past two years.

“It’s been a struggle over timing, materials and the financial situation for everyone, I’m sure. I can’t speak to his exact situation, but it’s been difficult to tune him in,” he said. -he declares.

Now, the state attorney general’s office is looking into Vision Home Builders and whether its conduct with customers crosses the line. Agents interviewed Carol Morgan this week.

“We’re hoping this turns into a criminal fraud case, and they’re going after Jeff McCreary’s business assets and personal effects. This isn’t revenge, this is justice. And this is what the law is supposed to give us, justice,” Carol Morgan told Action 16.

The attorney general’s office did not confirm whether there was a criminal investigation, but said Jeffrey McCreary had a few weeks to respond to complaints against him.

McCreary’s attorney tells Action 16 they’re working on it. But, when we asked McCreary if he intended to return their money to the Morgans, he didn’t answer.

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